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How Clarkwood Enterprise set out to provide flexible
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Clarkwood were formed in 2011 following an analysis of the supply market where it was apparent that the salary sacrifice for computers and mobile phones scheme was failing when it came to the fulfilment of orders. Owners Gavin Clark and Martin Wood, who have a strong history in sourcing the most sought after technology products, set about providing an offer to provide the perfect solution with regards to customer service and delivery.

Clarkwood work with some of the largest employers in the UK and have quickly become a leading figure in the technology industry. Our offer currently goes out to some 600,000 employees across the UK. Success has continued as the technology scheme has become one of the most popular benefits in the industry. In 2015 Clarkwood recorded sales of over £9,000,000 which is testament to our core values. With a workforce of 20 all of our employees are experienced in the industry and so you can be sure that whoever you deal with at Clarkwood will provide the solution you need.

Our key differentiator is flexibility, we will tailor your salary sacrifice scheme exactly how you want it, virtually every salary sacrifice scheme we provide is different in some way. Our focus on marketing ensures high particiption levels and our delivery track record is what we believe to be the best in the industry.

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Clarkwood Enterprise are fast becoming the supplier of choice for salary sacrifice schemes for computers and mobile phones across the UK. Supplying to both public and private sectors, Clarkwood are based in two locations in Hemel Hempstead and Gloucester. Our Head Office in Hemel Hempstead is the operations office where customer service and fulfilment of orders are carried out. The Gloucester location consists of the sales team, account managers, marketing and technical teams.

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At Clarkwood, we only provide a salary sacrifice scheme for technology and mobile phones. We are not a small team within a much larger company “having a go” at benefits, we are dedicated to providing only a salary sacrifice for technology scheme. This means that 100% of our focus is on your salary sacrifice scheme and all of our staff are highly trained to give the best advice and service, from marketing through to customer service. 

our warehouse
Clarkwood operate from their own warehouse facilities where stock is held in advance of your salary sacrifice scheme launch. This means we are ready to dispatch your order as soon as order approval has been received. We specialise in sourcing the most sought after goods and are not reliant upon the same distribution suppliers as the rest of the industry. This means that Clarkwood often have stock of newly released products well before the rest of the industry.
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Clarkwood offer a fresh approach in our marketing strategy for your salary sacrifice scheme, by offering a wide range of bespoke marketing material specifically designed for your scheme. We even have a dedicated roadshow team who travel all over the UK promoting client schemes. This has resulted in high participation levels throughout all our salary sacrifice schemes which can sometimes reach a 30% participation.
dedicated customer service team

With a dedicated customer service team to handle all incoming enquiries, our aim has always been to keep administration work to an absolute minimum for our clients. We class ourselves as the specialists in the salary sacrifice industry and our continued growth suggests that we are getting most things right.