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marketing approach to salary sacrifice schemes

 Clarkwood Enterprise can produce everything you need
to promote your salary sacrifice scheme...

salary sacrifice marketing pack

 Our dedicated in-house marketing team will produce a range of materials to promote your salary sacrifice scheme launch, as well as refresher materials throughout the scheme period.
Our flyers are available as print and/or digital material, dependent on your proposed advertising space.
The more you advertise the scheme, the more orders you will attract and ultimately- the more savings are made via salary sacrifice!

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salary sacrifice flyers

Print and/or

Print and/or

Designed to be displayed around your workspace, our posters are a great way to drum up interest in the salary sacrifice scheme.
Payslip Attachments
These are sent out with payslips to ensure the scheme is advertised directly to employees. Many schemes see a peak in orders once payslips have been despatched when using this method.
PDF Product Brochures
Designed to be sent to your employees as a PDF email attachment, our product brochure contains a selection of the products available under the salary sacrifice scheme, as well as an easy to follow scheme breakdown and FAQ section.
         Please note: Due to the high page count of our product
         offering we do not print brochures, and instead offer this
         as a digital PDF.
bespoke designs for your sacrifice scheme
technology product roadshows

Product Roadshows
Our Product roadshows bring the technology to the employees before they've even placed an order, and are a fantastic way to launch your scheme. Our roadshow team travel all over the UK promoting salary sacrifice for technology schemes. 
Emlpoyees are welcome to come along and see the devices on offer, ask questions, and even place orders on the day.

Bespoke Design
This is your salary sacrifice scheme- why not do things your way?
All marketing communications can be made to reflect your own company brand guidelines and colour schemes. By tailoring things in this way, we ensure that your salary sacrifice scheme is communicated to employees clearly, effectively, and in your voice.