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Salary Sacrifice Mobile Phones
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salary sacrifice is a piece of cake

Savings examples...

Below are some pricing examples highlighting the typical employee savings on some of our most popular handset
and airtime packages over a 24 month scheme.

Examples shown reflect a standard rate Tax and NI payer. Savings will vary depending on an individual’s tax situation.
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Sony Xperia XA salary sacrifice price example
Below is an example of one of our most popular Sim-free Smartphones over a 24 month scheme.

Example shown reflects a standard rate Tax and NI payer. Savings will vary depending on an individual’s tax situation.

The salary sacrifice Mobile Phone offer is a benefit that offers employees to pay for the latest handset and airtime package directly through salary while making savings on National Insurance over a 24 month term. We offer the latest handsets from top brands such as:
and others...
We offer great handsets with various airtime packages to cater for every budget with up to 20GB of data and unlimited calls and texts!

We also offer a fantastic range of sim-free handsets for those who just want the latest smartphone without the airtime.


How does salary sacrifice work?

When employees enter into a salary sacrifice
arrangement,  the change to their gross pay figure
triggers a saving in National Insurance deductions.

Across the Benefit term: 

• Employee enters into salary sacrifice agreement.

• Cost of device is recovered from  gross salary.

• Reduction of salary reduces employee NIC.

• Employer records annual cost of benefit on P11D.

• Recorded on employee's P11D  and payslip (RTI).

At the end of the term:

• Full tax is collected from the employee during the term.

• No Tax due when the scheme ends.

The information shown is compliant with HMRC's guidelines concerning the Autumn
Statement of November 2016 and reflects the reporting procedure as of 6th April 2017.

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Exclusive to 

Other Mobile Phone benefit providers lack the option for employees to directly access their own account.

At Clarkwood Enterprise we can offer access to an online portal where employees can view bills, view data usage and manage their account directly.

This is a first for any UK mobile phone salary sacrifice scheme!

We now offer next day delivery from the point of approval, meaning as soon as employers approve orders, employees can have their phones despatched immediately.

Our automated invoicing system can be set to invoice clients on their required date.

Employee overspend issues are now dealt with by the network provider, meaning less liability for employers should any employee exceed their monthly allowance during the benefit.

Early leavers can now continue their monthly contract directly with the network provider rather than pay off the outstanding contract amount upon leaving, meaning no exposure to the organisation should anyone leave during the scheme.


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