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Clarkwood Enterprise's commitment to our
Salary Sacrifice Computer and Phone Schemes...

We do:
We don't:
end of term fees
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salary sacrifice helpdesk
Charge the organisation end of
term fees, as the product
has already been purchased by
the organisation.
 Charge administration fees

Give out incorrect guidance on how to account for a scheme in terms of incorrect tax advice.
 Take commission on finance deals
Offer a dedicated helpdesk where all staff are experienced in the scheme we provide. Our SLAs mean very fast response times.
Hold products in stock to ensure swift and smooth delivery rather than only ordering items after approval

Strive to offer competitive prices so your employees get the best deal
Provide marketing communications to promote your scheme,
free of charge
Allow employees to own the device at the end of the scheme
no admin fees
salary sacrifice guidance
competitive pricing rates
no commision on finance
salary sacrifice marketing materials
option to own device