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A guide to Clarkwood Enterprise's
Computer and Technology Salary Sacrifice Schemes...

 Running a salary sacrifice technology scheme is easy:
Our salary sacrifice for computers and mobile phones benefit is extremely popular and this is down to the planning and marketing strategy throughout the scheme term.
As part of the planning process you will work with a dedicated account manager to help setup the following:
     - Scheme design in terms of length of term and accountancy    
     - Product selection – choose a range that suits your needs.
     - Payment on invoice (upfront) or finance options (to make the
       scheme cashflow neutral).
     - Agree marketing communications and roadshows.
     - Decide on a launch date.
     - Agree order windows or implement an anytime benefit.

Once we know the above information we can then:
     - Create your bespoke website using any branding      
       guidelines you may have.
     - Work on any integration with your flex provider if applicable.
     - Create your marketing communications such as flyers,    
       posters, brochures or anything else you may require.
     - Launch your salary sacrifice scheme!

Use a flex provider? No problem….
We can integrate our portal with your current flex provider or internal system. Known as a Single Sign On (SSO) solution, the employee can be passed between the flex site and the Clarkwood site seemlessly without having to log into our portal. Employee information is passed between the two sites via a secure token which negates the need for employees to re-enter these details to complete an order. The order information can then be passed back to the flex provider in order for them to confirm their basket selection in the flex site.

We aim to keep your administrative duties to a minimum and your account manager will do all the hard work for you. We can provide access into the backend of our system in order to view, approve and download your own order reports at any time during the scheme. You will also have access to a host of scheme statistics in order for you to keep up to date with what is happening with your salary sacrifice scheme. 

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