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All the latest salary sacrifice computers from Clarkwood Enterprise

Clarkwood Enterprise's Technology scheme operates as a salary sacrifice arrangement, often offered through a flexible or voluntary benefits scheme, allowing company employees to purchase computers and phones directly from their gross pay, seeing tax savings throughout the scheme and NI savings also.

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Salary Sacrifice Computers and Mobile Phones from Clarkwood Enterprise...

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 Provide employees with access to all the latest technology, such as Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Consoles and Smart Watches.
Treat them to top brands like Apple, Samsung, HP, Sony and Microsoft while allowing them to

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Looking for an employee benefit that delivers?

Why not run a Salary Sacrifice Computer and
Mobile Phone scheme with Clarkwood? 


                        - Employee Satisfaction
                        - Great take up
                        - Saves money   
Our Salary Sacrifice Computers and
Mobile Phones allow employees to:
                        - Get the latest technology
                        - Pay from salary
                        - Make great savings

employee satisfaction
great take up rate
saves money
get the latest salary sacrifice technology
pay through salary sacrifice
make great savings

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